Let’s face it.  While we can have a great tailgate with a Chick-Fil-A tray and cooler of beer, nothing beats throwing some raw meat on a grill and cooking it.  From the ambiance of the smoke to the sound of the sizzle, grills and tailgates just go together.  Finding the best grill for your money can be a tough chore however.  I have bought and tested more grills in my lifetime than I care to count (or that I want my wife to know about). This guide has been written to help you find the best grill to use at your tailgate no matter what size tailgate you are planning to throw.  I am breaking this guide down to the following categories:

Best Portable Tailgate Grills

Find the best grills you can shove into the back of your car, truck or SUV and provide an awesome tailgate experience.  These grills are the most versatile of the bunch and do a very good job of cooking.  If you are not pulling a trailer with you and have a reasonable amount of trunk space then these grills are where you need to be looking.

Best Charcoal Tailgate Grill

Not feeling the gas grill?  Charcoal grills offer a versatile cooking platform.  Whether grilling or smoking, charcoal grills can handle pretty much any type of meat you want to throw on them.  In this review will will look at all of your charcoal tailgating grill options from big to small.  Just remember to bring your charcoal and a match or you will have a very disappointing tailgate.

Best Hitch Tailgate Grill

Is your car, truck or SUV packed to the gills with your tailgating supplies?  If so then a hitch tailgate grill might be what you need.  While you will pay a premium price for a tailgate that will mount to your hitch they are very handy when it comes to not taking up additional space in the rear of your vehicle.  They also do a pretty dang good job of grilling!

Best Smoker Tailgate Grill

For those of you who want to get up at the crack of dawn and start the tailgate early, smokers can provide a lot of food for a lot of people.  Whether we are talking pulled pork, ribs, chicken or brisket, these smokers will handle all your tailgating bbq needs.  Did we mention we would love an invite!