The Ultimate Guide To Cooking At Your Tailgate

Cooking is almost a must for any tailgate to be considered the ultimate tailgate.  You can definitely have some pretty impressive catering brought to your tailgate but the smell of the grill and the sizzle of the food adds just the right touch to give that tailgating atmosphere.  Cooking can be as easy or complex as you care to get with it.  It with a little Weber Smokey Joe and go all the way up to some impressive pull behind trailer grills and smokers.  We have put together some of the best of guides to show you how to properly cook at your tailgate.  Take a look below to see what you think would fit your needs.

Best Tailgate Grills

We have written a comprehensive guide to bringing grills to your tailgate.  Grilling is one of the most popular things to do at your tailgate and your guests will love it.  Grilling at your tailgate is definitely a step above amateur but can still be done as relatively easy or difficult as you want.  Read our Best Tailgate Grills Guide to determine the best grills to take to your tailgate.